Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Be expecting and learn something new.

Jenny and I,
in a house.

If you don't know who Andrea Zittel is, look her up. When it comes down to extreme in proposing an idea into the art world, she keeps an ambiguous relationship with minimalism and popular style. She is more than interesting and dedicated, her pieces are more than being a architect or a interior designer, she is plain Extremist by using herself to explore these set up lifesyles in her space-usage works, everyday in and out. Her work evokes the concerns with the relationship between usage of space with uncontrolled needs. Her ideas, find ways to make a small space efficient to live in, with new eco-friendly lifestyles and minimized storage units that have multiple functions. With using herself, as part of her efficient friendly home units, the concerns of comfort are what provoke more of the investigation her work continues to function as. The work began with animal modules functioning as living spaces, where they would have everything needed in a unit, then she came to the conclusion that why couldn't humans also live in spaces that have everything needed with not discomfort cramp feelings. Her own living space became part of the birth of her body of work, making her tiny new york apartment comfortable with less storage, but still have everything a person really needs to live. It may be for you to decide wither this would be considered art work or not?

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