Sunday, March 30, 2008

Eres El Conquistador

When Looking at how history influences the present, we feel obligated to pay homage for it bringing us to who we are today. During hte 15th and 16th century, the desire to know what was beyond Western Europe was finally embarked with the compass as a tool, navigating among the cardinal directions.
Eres El Conquistador consists of wooden shapes resembling 15th and 16th century ideals of what the continents were believed to look like at the time.
The pipes and audio within represent the idea of an era-bridging medium for carrying out these curiosity driven desires for exploration and ultimately conquest.

Collaboration with Josh for an installation class. Opening is April 5th at the South Florida Museum. Come and check it out, there is faculty work and more student work as well.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Grr Gar Violet Eyes

A few new experiment prints based off the last rice prints with tinfoil. These are reproduction images from the originals, varying in size reduction, which I'll show later and then reproduced with some control vs. loss of control when using image on, onto the copper plate.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ethel Steinsberg

Still frames:

Time Capsule.

Monday, March 17, 2008

another way to be the right way: rice

Where do you get information?

Took me long enough, but this was the first assignment in conceptual practices. Basically this piece is my process of understanding the topic (where do you get information?). The way I set up the visual of my understanding, was to present my experience for the audience to reenact.So then their experience becomes their own real life understanding, in a condensed version.

I have part of my conversation with a friend, mentioning our search to know an answer for this vague question. The letters are elongated, and the space in between is condensed, keeping everything very close, making it difficult to read. Next to the sheets is instructions, for the use of the conversation and the recorder.

Once the recording is done, the viewers rewind and listen, which makes the experience different from walking by the installation, stopping to read the conversation alone in the head, and maybe choosing to record it, but now they listen back to the reading.

Part of our experience, interaction with obtaining any form of information is very vague, because it basically is everything. I thought, it would be interesting to take a piece of communication networks (conversations with each other, exchanging words), and having the viewer experience that on their own, with my experience.

Even though this installation puts the audience with the choice to encounter the piece, read it, follow the instructions, or walk away. Which I think is interesting, because the choice of each individual is how they independently or dependently choose their information as well.

the audio will be up soon.

look alike


look like Bebe?

haha sorta, maybe, do you think so? My picture is pretty creppy, but so is hers.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Me Myspace Time:

got to update myspace before going to bed, before sip of coffee, and applying make up for 8:30 too early for a class, keep me away myspace, I’ve gots lots of thingsssssssss to do, and it not you, but you fit in my time, time of space, sip of coffee on my shirt, since I’m so mod and indie update my mood, are you ready for a bike ride, mine is very vintage and myspace dosent list it, since meeting people online, who are you, meet sometime, I think we could get along.

Lets update myspace, before passing out, got too high, oh god, everything is funning, this is great, do you feel awkward around me, saying way too many things, and all I can think is about the words spilling from a precious mouth, covered with sips of coffee and cigarettes, I’m so mod and indie, lets bike ride and talk road bikes, you have a fixed who cares, me not anymore, but my myspace needs to be updated, single, I’m single yes.

Have to update myspace.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

control vs no control

Playful experience with embossing rice and tinfoil mono prints.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Different Tommorow

Freshmen year, everything was so different then.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So Far, GOOD!

Today so far good happened:

- woke up to talking memories narrating my mind thinking of the memories from last night.
- went back to bed, waking to obsessed alarms, realized that i have an alarm clock problem. I enjoy loud shocking sounds, i panic when shocked. (this is a good thing to know this about myself)
- cooked food, relaxed,understood my grasp, wrote a script for a short audio (yeah new work)
- appreciated Miranda July, she is great, yes great!

- listened to CocoRosie, and love them alot, for knowing what it sounds like everyday to me, I can relate to them.

- you are great, and so is everyone you know as well.

New things are coming, and I'm excited, hopefully feedback from any one will or could happen. Yeah! Hope everyone's March started well, or negative because you know its okay, pain is okay.

Its a good day, loves!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sarah's Everyday Manners: Hands Help Me Eat

Sarah's Everyday Manners and the 'Stop Ask', are just playings and jumbles of enhanced sound, double audios, conversations, confrontational videos; I may continue to mess around. Even though theses are exciting to just mess with and experiment to influence bigger ideas, I enjoy more thinking of ideas that start with my entire control of the piece, but then end up confronting the audiences control and allowing them to willfully continue or end the piece.