Tuesday, February 5, 2008

'pin me up' as a vaule

Here is the 3 of 4 etching print of "pin me up". This is no longer the original, after Neven had disrespectfully found my art to be a piece of scrap paper for testing a questionable ink pen to write a check. He probably didn't even think about how it was stance on the counter away from everything else, for this to not happen. (I mention his name, only because he should get credit for the addition he added to my piece, by sort of saying "fuck this art, I'm going to ruin it anyways". But, did he really ruin it, and should it even matter for me to keep a piece in a confined space for a gift of presentation purposes later?

After talking to a friend about the value of our art, and the marketing aspect of it; she really got me thinking about how I share my art to others (i'm being specific on selling). I don't sell actually! I've always had this horrible attachment to giving, because, what I've produced so far hasn't been executed the way I'd actually like.

So,to not have really any attachment to my work, means, that my first reaction was there because of value issues, 'my teacher won't look at it now, because Neven ruined it', but really this process should continue. The piece now only has a marking from him, showing his character of not thinking emotionally towards the art piece as I would have.

So, in order to put it back to his face, I gave it to Cesca, to add another addition to the piece. Even, though I gave her the unlimited will to do whatever to the piece, she added her own character. A sweet, gentle friend, making her marking look as it were part of the original, the skulls as balloons was her addition.


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Cesca Olondriz said...

I am so proud to have a cameo in your blog.

ps. this print is AWESOME. your man woman thing combination turned out so well.

when you said you can do anything to this. i assumed that you were giving it to me and i was already schemeing ((sp?) scheming...? skeemeeng?) to make this whole painting thing.. anyways. haha, great experiment. you are the "Sweetest Scientist"