Friday, February 1, 2008

Brain Aneurysm

Today during class, I wanted to write with both hands. The first tries were just random sentences, then I really wanted to multi task my brain to write two of the same meaning words by writing them at the same time with both hands. So I wrote three and third and the same time, and my brain sent a signal to my hand, giving me cramps, but I kept going. After i came to the seconded line to try two completely different words 'keep' right hand, 'take' left hand; I got very frustrated and closed my eyes to complete the overwhelming task. The image 'take' didn't really come out but 'keep' was more visual.

The overwhelming feeling was a self inflicted confusion feeling. Very indescribable. I really don't suggest that you try it, unless you're ready for a headache, and a dizzy feeling that last about 15 to 20 mins.

I wrote some things down during the feeling.
" How did you feel?
my heart still beating too fast, my arm sends a pain, but I feel like my brain is actually telling me. I feel signals.
Where is my bang button?
it feels good! really good, but I know it's bad for me. It's a DRUG.
But where is the pill, the actually trigger to feel so good, oooOooOOOoo?
I do too much at once. double time message, my whole body gets affected, its an overwhelming rush.
My brain will die..
Why, am I okay with that?
1:31pm I'm not even kidding but I want to touch something for sensation purposes!
1:32pm Not just something, I don't know what. I want to touch!
1:36 I have to do something NOW!"

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