Wednesday, February 27, 2008


New up and coming. all around.
has my recordings, it will be frosted and modified soon enough, but its good to browse and listen to.


Blink see creak
No ones watching
Blink twice see creaks
No ones watching
Blink third see a creak
Someone watching
Its these bending cracks allowing me to push
Down up, cross, back, front, slide
Blink, blink, blink
See bliss, sound
Blink once more
Now reach pass the creak
Creak creak creak crack
Blink blink blink
Feel fog, blank into dirty standard its ok, running buzzzzzzz, moving too fast, keep UP
Blink blink blink take the reach out
Back to pure black

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sarah's Everday Manners: stop ask

telle teennnnennneee keep
tellll tennnenene inside
what are you saying?
tell tenme?
what question is this?
tell me?
I don't know?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sarah's Everyday Manners

Do do this, and this!
But,but, but
Look here, creak and you will be
but, but, but
Eat that, and bite
but, but, but
not care, who cares
veggies and stuff you up like a pig
but, but, but
NO BUTttttsss,

eat and don't play!
I say.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


"no lie to swim the stream near you than father underground highness" monotype, bfk rives paper

"serving supper on a square plate with mashed potatoes" 1/1 image on etching printed over monotype, bfk rives paper

"serving supper on a square plate topped with fake cheese" artist proof 1, image on etching with shincolay, bfk rives paper

"serving supper on a square plate, almost happy" artist proof 1, image on etching, bfk rives paper

"serving supper on a square plate with burnt toast" artist proof 1, image on etching, bfk rives paper

Faber introduced me to this new image on, that is almost like photo emulsion for silk screening, but its for etching plates. I combined two line drawings that were meant for primarily work for two actual etchings. I'm debating which one is more visually pleasing to continue. Or maybe I should continue the different individual prints? Give me some input!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sex Education Works

*A better audio version will be posted later, until now, youtube is my only source till, I get it figured out better, (which i'm working on with a friend).

The assignment: As an artist, how do you use media to put your art out there?

When first thinking about this project, my free association started with censorship, and what they consider whats good, and what we remember verses what we should remember for example issues, world news..etc. And where dose media come from, why is it media, they are just tools, we interact with, retain information from and well the list could go on forever. Then my interest came back to the duality of parents poorly educating youth about sex but allowing exposure on any form of communication networks with very sexual songs, imagery and easy access on the internet. It was interesting when a friend had mentioned, that it is "YOU", that decides what goes out in advisement and what decides what we like and so forth. I'm not sure if everyone really realizes that we are given this power to decide what goes out and in. But then, a group of men some how decide what we like as well.

Before this goes off subject, I then found it very interesting that people have the will, and most often everything is chosen through what has already become comfort, and the uncomfortable that was presented to us should be the reverse. Example, in my project I took a 70's parent to child sex education video, playing muted and projected onto the background of my set up. The set up was a table covered with a table cloth, with a child's doll and some books on-top and a tape recorder for documentation purposes. The two chairs across from each other, one with me sitting in it acting like a 7 year old, while the other was is the mother ( a girl picked out in my class). She had no idea, that my intention of picking her, was because of what I observed from her conservative quietness in class. Since I was playing this sex education video in the background, of a mother and child comfortable talking about the vagina hole and how a baby is made with hand motions, while in front the comfortable is actually what everyone thinks is uncomfortable preformed unscripted.

Once, I started acting like a child asking questions about babies coming out, and where they come from; she answered in a very conservative manner, or vague, leaving the question unanswered. Once, I felt she was uncomfortable, I stopped the recorder and told her she had the choice to allow me to keep the only documentation of the performance, or she could earse it. I gave her the will, the control of my art, just like the population would have on my piece, but I just picked one to decide for the rest. She allowed me, and then I played the tape back to the class, letting the remembrance recollect, as a listening stage, and not so distracting watching the performance.

The tape recorder is left on the table with the remains of the performance, allowing anyone who didn't get to see the performance, were able to listen and see the residue.

I think what was most successful with the project was, being able to show the duality of how media portrays these comfortable situations with sex, and the viewer being comfortable along that, while real life sitautions as a parent to child sex talk is uncomfortable. Having both play at the same time, really helped make the effect of media on our choices of comfortable and uncomfortable noticealbe, as I got to use the tools of media (speech, acting, video, projector...etc) to help present it. Then the topping was the recorder, anyone could pass it and say this isn't art, I'm not going to play that recorder, and who knows why this is here, but if the spectator willing decides to give the reorder the try they just experienced the comfortable and uncomfortable situation, only by interacting with my piece, and then listen to how i did it in performance.

And when I mean by uncomfortable, its not by the means, 'ewww thats gross, or i can't stand that... this and that', but what people like or dislike to encounter, and that starts with comfort zones.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

'pin me up' as a vaule

Here is the 3 of 4 etching print of "pin me up". This is no longer the original, after Neven had disrespectfully found my art to be a piece of scrap paper for testing a questionable ink pen to write a check. He probably didn't even think about how it was stance on the counter away from everything else, for this to not happen. (I mention his name, only because he should get credit for the addition he added to my piece, by sort of saying "fuck this art, I'm going to ruin it anyways". But, did he really ruin it, and should it even matter for me to keep a piece in a confined space for a gift of presentation purposes later?

After talking to a friend about the value of our art, and the marketing aspect of it; she really got me thinking about how I share my art to others (i'm being specific on selling). I don't sell actually! I've always had this horrible attachment to giving, because, what I've produced so far hasn't been executed the way I'd actually like.

So,to not have really any attachment to my work, means, that my first reaction was there because of value issues, 'my teacher won't look at it now, because Neven ruined it', but really this process should continue. The piece now only has a marking from him, showing his character of not thinking emotionally towards the art piece as I would have.

So, in order to put it back to his face, I gave it to Cesca, to add another addition to the piece. Even, though I gave her the unlimited will to do whatever to the piece, she added her own character. A sweet, gentle friend, making her marking look as it were part of the original, the skulls as balloons was her addition.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Brain Aneurysm

Today during class, I wanted to write with both hands. The first tries were just random sentences, then I really wanted to multi task my brain to write two of the same meaning words by writing them at the same time with both hands. So I wrote three and third and the same time, and my brain sent a signal to my hand, giving me cramps, but I kept going. After i came to the seconded line to try two completely different words 'keep' right hand, 'take' left hand; I got very frustrated and closed my eyes to complete the overwhelming task. The image 'take' didn't really come out but 'keep' was more visual.

The overwhelming feeling was a self inflicted confusion feeling. Very indescribable. I really don't suggest that you try it, unless you're ready for a headache, and a dizzy feeling that last about 15 to 20 mins.

I wrote some things down during the feeling.
" How did you feel?
my heart still beating too fast, my arm sends a pain, but I feel like my brain is actually telling me. I feel signals.
Where is my bang button?
it feels good! really good, but I know it's bad for me. It's a DRUG.
But where is the pill, the actually trigger to feel so good, oooOooOOOoo?
I do too much at once. double time message, my whole body gets affected, its an overwhelming rush.
My brain will die..
Why, am I okay with that?
1:31pm I'm not even kidding but I want to touch something for sensation purposes!
1:32pm Not just something, I don't know what. I want to touch!
1:36 I have to do something NOW!"