Thursday, January 24, 2008

Intent to share

I'm basically starting this blogspot, with the intent to be more sharing of my artwork and attached thoughts. It's such a privleage to beable to share through a speechless, untouchable, cummicating network. This blog takes away all interactions with each other and leaving it with only imagery. Isn't that what text is, just an image for visual understanding, all this, is me writing some encountered thoughts. What a prize my brain has to have this key rthymic types on my computer avaliable for my fingers to record censored sarah valdez thoughts. Dosen't it suck to know that my thoughts are censored, by me, for you're safety and my embrasesment? Maybe it's not you're safety, maybe its nothing, because everything really is nothing that came from everything! And that has no origin, or defintion, because right now I'm a creator, and its painful, because everything I grew up to know, love, hate, accept, touch, taste, see... etc, is shifting, changing, and recollecting, to gather up and become something past in my memory and your's. I feel like calling myself an artist right now, would be false, since my goal is to get there, but now I'm a creator of thoughts to hopefuly seam with 'art', for the needs and wants, but hopefully the intrested experiencing to hate or love my artwork.

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