Thursday, January 24, 2008

pretend that nothing ever happened

Last semester, my sketches never were meant to say a hidden discomfort towards anything doing with sex. Not, that I mind erotic imagery, and boobs to penis drawings or photographs, it's just my ideal past (used to be recent) sheltered lifestyle, never allowed sexual talk to be normal. Is it normal though that anything having to do with desires, and lust, and extreme needs? I'm not sure, dealing with a sex driven culture, feed with every communication device we use, has me do drawings, that odd and uncomfortable, or simply vulgar.

I'm trying to use my discomfort with the extreme sex-desires that my youthful surroundings expose, and combine it with my obsession of our dependence's with our hands. They allow us to do much, and yes I know, its a duh statement. I'm trying to think, and its hard since I'm caving into read a book, rather than drawing something. So I'm leading in this direction for now.

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Anonymous said...

**///*** hooray for no LONGER being sheltered and realizing sex is okay to DRAW and talk ABOUT - j<3