Monday, March 17, 2008

Where do you get information?

Took me long enough, but this was the first assignment in conceptual practices. Basically this piece is my process of understanding the topic (where do you get information?). The way I set up the visual of my understanding, was to present my experience for the audience to reenact.So then their experience becomes their own real life understanding, in a condensed version.

I have part of my conversation with a friend, mentioning our search to know an answer for this vague question. The letters are elongated, and the space in between is condensed, keeping everything very close, making it difficult to read. Next to the sheets is instructions, for the use of the conversation and the recorder.

Once the recording is done, the viewers rewind and listen, which makes the experience different from walking by the installation, stopping to read the conversation alone in the head, and maybe choosing to record it, but now they listen back to the reading.

Part of our experience, interaction with obtaining any form of information is very vague, because it basically is everything. I thought, it would be interesting to take a piece of communication networks (conversations with each other, exchanging words), and having the viewer experience that on their own, with my experience.

Even though this installation puts the audience with the choice to encounter the piece, read it, follow the instructions, or walk away. Which I think is interesting, because the choice of each individual is how they independently or dependently choose their information as well.

the audio will be up soon.

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