Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So Far, GOOD!

Today so far good happened:

- woke up to talking memories narrating my mind thinking of the memories from last night.
- went back to bed, waking to obsessed alarms, realized that i have an alarm clock problem. I enjoy loud shocking sounds, i panic when shocked. (this is a good thing to know this about myself)
- cooked food, relaxed,understood my grasp, wrote a script for a short audio (yeah new work)
- appreciated Miranda July, she is great, yes great!

- listened to CocoRosie, and love them alot, for knowing what it sounds like everyday to me, I can relate to them.

- you are great, and so is everyone you know as well.

New things are coming, and I'm excited, hopefully feedback from any one will or could happen. Yeah! Hope everyone's March started well, or negative because you know its okay, pain is okay.

Its a good day, loves!


Sam Hickson said...

Hay check my blog out my friend told me about yours andrea esteban.

Anonymous said...

that website she did for that book she did was good i remember being excited when i see it

hi sarah