Thursday, March 13, 2008

Me Myspace Time:

got to update myspace before going to bed, before sip of coffee, and applying make up for 8:30 too early for a class, keep me away myspace, I’ve gots lots of thingsssssssss to do, and it not you, but you fit in my time, time of space, sip of coffee on my shirt, since I’m so mod and indie update my mood, are you ready for a bike ride, mine is very vintage and myspace dosent list it, since meeting people online, who are you, meet sometime, I think we could get along.

Lets update myspace, before passing out, got too high, oh god, everything is funning, this is great, do you feel awkward around me, saying way too many things, and all I can think is about the words spilling from a precious mouth, covered with sips of coffee and cigarettes, I’m so mod and indie, lets bike ride and talk road bikes, you have a fixed who cares, me not anymore, but my myspace needs to be updated, single, I’m single yes.

Have to update myspace.

1 comment:

Seahorse said...

i like that.
i named that finger puppet jaque.
are you going to keep his name?